• This is the last level of listening course with focuses on improving students listening skills extensively by emphasizing the wide-variety listening materials to increase students listening fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary knowledge. The materials include songs, mini lecture, news, speech, podcast, and other selected materials. This course will also strive students reading, writing and speaking skill by asking them to give response on the materials they listen to. This course is also enriching students’ vocabulary and grammar understanding through the exercise given.

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  • This course provides student with some materials and exercises in order to make students become good writer in academic purposes. It covers writing articles in English Education, and also exposition text. In addition, the students hopefully can be more aware of their coherent and cohesion of their writing by following the steps provided based on Process Based Approach.

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  • This course is designed to provide the students with the ability to read longer texts including the popular and scentific ones. It focusses on understanding longer texts and emphasizes on the use of students' critical thinking to review and critisize the longer texts. 

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